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Chiens d’ici et d’ailleurs is not an organization or business but the hard work of a team of volunteers devoted to animal protection.  There are so many official charities and organizations, most started by good hearted and well-meaning volunteers. We do not need to start another organization, and instead choose to support existing organizations.  All adoption fees are sent directly to the organizations we support.

For many years now, a lot of dogs and cats have been rescued and adopted thanks to this work. We keep in touch with the adopters which allows us to follow our rescues’ new life.

‘Chiens d’ici et d’ailleurs’ takes in a few dogs and cats at a time, in our homes (not in shelters), in order to have them adopted in the best possible way. The pets mainly come from France, but also from foreign countries, as our lives and close contacts are a little bit in France and a little bit in those other countries. Anyway, animals have no nationality to our eyes, they all deserve to be rescued.

The dogs and cats shown in the ‘Adoption’ section are visible at their foster homes or at their family’s who need to rehome them. All pets are usually located in the Alpes Maritimes Côte d’Azur area. Some are our own personal rescues, others are not but we still try and help them by spreading the word for them.

We tend to choose small size dogs from abroad, as there are already so many large dogs in shelters in France waiting for so long for a home.  The big dogs from abroad have been chosen because of their very gentle personality and/or because of their precarious living condition.

Our work is as honest and transparent as possible. Our only goal is to rescue a dog or cat from a tragic destiny and to rehome him in the best way according to his needs and personality. This way the pet will be blossoming and will give the best of him leading to a happy and harmonious life with his adopter.

Our dogs and cats can take you on a real long trip of love and tenderness…